Friday, April 3, 2009


I've got the bug, and I hope it's contagious! I've been interested in family history off and on for ages, but only recently have I started to do anything about it. Not long ago I realized that all the stories that my Grandma Clark used to tell me about our ancestors were going to be lost if I didn't write them down. I loved hearing them as a child, and felt like it helped me to know them. I have no idea how accurate they are, because we all know how memory can change things, but they're still great stories. As I share what I was told, I'll try to add some information about these people like birthdates, where they lived, etc. and maybe it will be someone you would like to know about as well. Like the blog description says, they could be Facers, Clarks, Holbrooks, Madsens, and on back we go.


Amanda said...


I'm so glad you started this blog! I can't wait to copy and paste all of these stories into my family histroy file!

Jeff and Larissa said...

Mom, this is a great idea. When you get a substantial amount of posts you can make a book out of your blog on a website called Blurb. It imports all the stuff you wrote and you can choose how you want the layout to be. That way you'll have a nice family history book.